“From Local Businesses to Global Brands: Attracting Diverse Raffle Prize Donations”

Getting creative and adding a few unique baskets will take your  to new heights!

9. Date Night Basket

Most fundraisers offer some kind of date night raffle basket that involves a romantic night out on the town.

One way to mix this concept up and put a unique spin on the idea is to offer a date night in basket.

To make your Date Night raffle basket a hit, try to include items that help set a donations for raffle prizes mood. Think:

  • Nice bottle of wine or craft liquor
  • Selection of donations for raffle prizes snacks and cheese
  • Candles
  • Gift certificates for local restaurants
  • Massages
  • Private couples classes or lessons

To really up the ante, include a private cooking class so the winners can make a romantic dinner on their date night in.

10. Craft Liquor Basket

Craft liquor baskets are all the rage. You can your raffle basket offerings step further by turning a simple liquor basket into the ultimate in craft beverages – sure to please all connoisseurs,

How? It’s easy! Provide a selection of different kinds of whiskey, bourbons, vodkas and donations for raffle prizes boutique spirits and you have the makings of a raffle basket winner! Add craft beverage recipes, glassware, and mixer fixings to round out your high-end selection.

Your team can either procure all your bottles from the same sponsor (such as a liquor store) or ask individual supporters to donate one or two donations for raffle prizes and them combine them into a basket before the event.

11. Pet Lover Basket

If there’s one thing modern society can agree on it’s that we love our pets! So why not capitalize on our shared admiration of our furry friends with a pet focused raffle basket.

A pet basket should include a variety of must-have dog and cat items, including:

  • Pet toys
  • Dog and cat beds
  • Scratch pads
  • Leashes
  • Food and treat samples
  • Dog walking and grooming certificate
  • Donations from local boarding facilities or luxury dog hotels

If you have a local pet store in the area, see if they would be willing to donate the entire raffle basket in exchange for sponsorship!

12. Game Night Basket

Game night raffle baskets are a fun, unique way to provide raffle winners with hours of fun and excitement in a single box.

Ask volunteers, board members, staff or donors to donate a bunch of popular games and you have an easy and incredibly popular raffle basket idea.

Think Twister, Jenga, Monopoly, and Sorry are just a few of the more traditional board games you can add in alongside newer card games. Game night baskets can also be procured relatively easily from sponsors.

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